PPP Ezine Vol1, Issue 1: Land of my Dream by Yajnaseni Mukherjee

I leaned on the balustrade

Wind whipped through my untamed hair

The chill engulfed me

I wove the tendrils of hair into the fabric of my dreams


The azure horizon kissed the green blue sea

My mind transcended the visible realms

And emerged in the sun kissed land of my dreams


Pristine, undulating landscapes

Nomadic wanderlust

Satiated stomachs

Contented smiles

Cozy hearths

Secure havens of peace

Proud city lines

Industrialization saluting technology

The lavish bounty of nature

Harnessed to generate progress


No outraged modesty

No outcry of inequality

No gaping chasms of wealth

No pilferage

No terror unleashed

No forced infliction of brutality

No untold tales of torment

Lost in the maze of reality….



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