PPP Ezine Vol1, Issue 1: Loosening Ties by Suryasri Saha.

Relations and ties breach often
at times untold and hard,
parting ways with us,
leaving us all distressed…
Emotions overflow yet the heart
feels desolate…
We wish to reconcile,
entangle the ties in bonds stronger
but the other side often seems too hostile,
they just distance us farther..
Forsaken we feel as if in dire need of the
ones now gone deserting us..
Soul gets hollowed by the void created in life
with their departure sometimes ensuing
confusion as to why they left and
and if they won’t return..
Their thoughts dawns realization reminding
that rendezvous may not happen anytime soon
or maybe never trickling tears but hope remains..

Hope of coming across them,
maybe at some instance of time,
after all storms are calmed,
when all pangs are soothed..
And even if it doesn’t happen,
broken ties don’t redeem as hoped,
live on with their memories you once lived.
Stop being mournful for ties which loosened
in spite of utmost care,
Its not your fault if you tried yet
they are not here..
Turns those sobs of despair into sobs
of happiness felt on reflecting
the sweet memories so never ending.
Sadden yourself no more if you tried
and walked down the mile,
maybe it wasn’t so worthwhile..
Give way not to doubting the love and bond
once shared in the past which now is so tattered
but to the memories of the moments shared
which can never be shattered.
The ones left may not return but
their memories will never waver,
they will stay forever..



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