PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2: As far as eyes could see by Sanghpriya Gautam

As far as eyes could see earth down the hills,

Lay vast expanse of concrete caves and rills

So smooth as sheen of Persephone’s dead locks,

While she lay beneath the beast brewing hemlock;

Mulling the poison in nectarous wine

While drinking and spitting down her spine.

The rivers became dark, dark without clouds.

No longer they reflect blue sky so proud.

This earth no longer mirrors the firmament,

The descendent man, fell far from descent?

Like mercury reposed, slowly it flows,

The storm when shrouds, the gloom sun glows,

The shallow dark river morphs in deep silver.

Persephone rises above and dimmer

The light becomes so she could escape

Wearing Mercury’s silver skin and cape.


I walked till waters were no longer thick,

Like Mercury absorbing brightest wick,

Till waters pooled, stagnating in a trench,

So deep and silent, I sat not on bench,

And saw in darkest of my reflections

Some deceptively simple conceptions.

What man knows of happiness and sadness,

But fancy and pleasure rotting in furnace.

The shadows grim and ethereal megrims

Are known to man and that to all he clings.

The Gods are now vile demons and the man,

Who lusts for heaven in his life span.

She rides in furry flurry ‘bove the clouds,

So nimbly scouring grime and silt which shrouds,

Her moonlit skin, her divine starry trail,

Her dusky radiance like morn warbling quail,

And sets upon dark canvas of the night,

Visiting my melody in her splendid might.



2 thoughts on “PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2: As far as eyes could see by Sanghpriya Gautam

    • Awesome is the word. Then there’re deep, inward flowing and romantic, next few words that come to my mind. He is a young poet, yet writes with the maturity of thoughts. Polish is always needed, but the force is strong there!


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