PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2: In Flames by Yajnaseni Mukherjee

Twenty one years of my life

I awaited his arrival

He entered

With promises galore, love and laughter

Bright hues of my life’s palette

Dazzled me

He conquered my heart

And left his imprint on my soul



And money

And more money

And more, more money

Brutal infliction of physical pain

Mental strangulation

My existence, angst-ridden

Lost in the maze of unfulfilled demands

Reduced to a pathway of garnering wealth.


My body found expression

In flames

Lit by my love

Not for his “love”

No agony, no wails

Accompanied my anguish

A lone teardrop

Bore silent testimony to my fate

A swansong to my lost love

My failed dreams,my unachieved aspirations

My belief in humanity

My benediction to the Supreme.






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