PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2: Let me hear by Alok Ranjan  

Let me hear, mute heart shouts,
I dissent , stranger life knocks.
A life that commands no you but nostalgia ,
A life that demands no heart but pragma.
You wrapped up little early,
Wanted you write you lil more, wished to glow in your light,
That paradise awaited us ,
Few steps behind, we were on heaven’s flight.
Hit me on face when resisted and ran,
This cold breeze snatched you from my arm,
I’m frozen since you’ve gone,
Since you withdrew aroma from my blanket.
I believe I’ve lost her,
But then I even believe she was once mine,
I wish she remains ever young,
Sings melodies again which she’d sung,
Excluded from her wants,wanders for worth,
the soul cries as it takes re-birth.
Vacant heart skips beats,
and looks for an eye on wounds,
Dreamless eyes resist to blink,
demand employment on an endless wait.
I see a day not writing you,
And get scared of the sight,
I want to write last line for you,
I fail everytime and save my life.




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