PPP Ezine Vol 1, Issue 2: Shameless by Edianna Reyes Ovalle  

Shamed for appearing too provocative

Objectified by the public, non-virgin, unattractive

Classified as a little too much for my place, in case you didn’t know, I run at my own pace

Born a female, unaware of my innate participation in sex becoming a disgrace

However, despite if I’m in the chase, I get called on anyway

Love games become one sided and unpredictable, in the favor of our men

A woman that sexually expresses herself is soon to be condemned

Yet, if a man sexually opens up

He becomes “the man”

Lifted up in glory

King James, up for the infinite chase

Stay confident, enjoy your fame

On the other hand, a woman can genuinely push a man away

Yet wickedly he plans

He sets the trap

Alters the woman’s environment

Only to lure her into his initial settlement

After all is said and done

She becomes the whore, not the victim of his game, shamed continuously for not remaining angelic

So pathetic, if only these judgmental so called angelic females knew

Cruel is what they are to their own group

Females bringing other females down

Women empowerment becomes completely gowned

Pills on the table, let me drown in this tub, and sob until my heart stops

But it could have all been more simpler

Women not just equal socially,

politically, and economically

But, also sexually, pardon my impurity


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