PPP Ezine, Vol 1 Issue 2, Interview: Darrell Herbert


PPP Ezine:  Who are your favorite poets, if possible, also tell us what makes them your favorite?


DH: My favorite poet is Sylvia Plath. I love how confident she was in terms of her subject matter, especially isolation and/or outlook on relationships.



PPP Ezine:     This one is a direct descendent of Matthew Arnold’s Touchstone Method: ‘They say that there are lines in a poem that make its heart. You may call them the poetry of poetry. Do you remember some such lines of yours or from some of your favorite poets that will help us understand your vision of poetry? If yes, please do give us some of those lines.


DH: My poem called “Perfect Form” can really connect with someone’s heart. The line I have chosen states “You know I can’t reach perfection if I’m not in your perfect form.”



PPP Ezine:  There has been a debate raging among the lovers of free verse and formal verse. Where do you stand in this debate? Why?


DH: I would rather free verse. I believe it is more complex to create.



PPP Ezine:  You have been writing for a long time. If you could tell us something about what inspired you to write poems in the first place, and then, what kept you going, it’d be inspiring for the new poets.


DH: Isolation is what inspired me to write poems in the first place. What keeps me going is also isolation.



PPP Ezine:  Give our new poets a few tips (3 or more) for composing well.


DH: Say what you feel, say what you mean, do what you say.



PPP Ezine:  Rejection is a life-long friend or enemy of a poet. Please tell us how you responded/respond to your rejections in the past, and now?


DH: I don’t really care about rejection, seeing as it is an inevitable experience of life.



PPP Ezine:  A poet has a cultivated mind. Give us some pointers to cultivate the poetic faculties/genius.


DH: Read different kinds of books, articles, and so on. Watch movies you have yet to witness. Listen to other people’s conversation closely.



PPP Ezine: You have been published and read widely. Please give some tips on submission that increases the chances for selection.

DH: Submit your work to magazines, contests, journals, newspapers, and so forth.


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