PPP Ezine, Vol 1 Issue 2, Interview: Sofia Kioroglou


PPP Ezine: Who are your favorite poets, if possible, also tell us what makes them your favorite?

SK: John Bennett is my absolute fave. He is a wordsmith whose pen is the hammer and the page is his anvil. He forges feelings that resonate like that slap to the face in an empty cool bathroom. Brass and sassy teetering on the edge of the precipice of human existence and sagacious. His snippets of truth a puncture in the skin of the body of cold facts, indeed.

PPP Ezine:  This one is a direct descendent of Matthew Arnold’s Touchstone Method: ‘They say that there are lines in a poem that make its heart. You may call them the poetry of poetry. Do you remember some such lines of yours or from some of your favorite poets that will help us understand your vision of poetry? If yes, please do give us some of those lines.

SK: Totally agreed! Some lines may dart through the heart of the reader. If I picked a few of them, the following would help you understand my vision of poetry. They are the finishing lines of my poem “The Ten Lepers”

“Human ingratitude more

sinister  than Satan’s rage”

PPP Ezine: There has been a debate raging among the lovers of free verse and formal verse. Where do you stand in this debate? Why?

SK: Right in the middle. I go with the moment and I think that a poem is beautiful in whatever form as long as the salient message comes through.

PPP Ezine: You have been writing for a long time. If you could tell us something about what inspired you to write poems in the first place, and then, what kept you going, it’d be inspiring for the new poets.

SK: My love for God has been my animating force. My travels to the Holy Land and Egypt have made me pursue a spiritual journey through words!Every poem is a beacon that guides my spiritual path. A landmark, so to speak, of self-discovery.

PPP Ezine: Give our new poets a few tips (3 or more) for composing well.

SK: Of course, good poetry presupposes technique but if it does not come from the heart it is just hollow. Poetry must serve as a vehicle for the edification of the soul  and give an important message

PPP Ezine: Rejection is a life-long friend or enemy of a poet. Please tell us how you responded/respond to your rejections in the past, and now?

SK: I use them as lessons to practice humility. Rejections are great motivators and chasteners.

PPP Ezine: A poet has a cultivated mind. Give us some pointers to cultivate the poetic faculties/genius.

SK: Read a lot and especially other poets’ work. A good reader is a good writer. so, read read read…

PPP Ezine: You have been published and read widely. Please give some tips on submission that increases the chances for selection.

SK: First of all, read the submission guidelines and of course browse through the content of the magazine to get an idea of what editors want to publish. I suppose this sums it all up.



7 thoughts on “PPP Ezine, Vol 1 Issue 2, Interview: Sofia Kioroglou

    • I am blessed to have met you, Joanne! Keep on getting those creative juices flowing. I very much love the content of your poetry page and thank you for publishing my ” Astypalea”! Hope you feel better😉


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