Holding On by Ann Christine Tabaka

A single leaf

Survived the winter

Tenaciously hanging

Onto the bare branch


The heavy snows

And howling winds

Could not budge it

It remained resilient


It stood the test of time

Through many months

Trials and tribulations

Of the fierce season


Now spring is here

And the old must yield

To the green buds

Pushing from within


It could withstand

The harshest weather

But not the gentle

Nudging of new growth


Life goes in cycles

It cannot be stopped

The old must eventually

Make way for the new





2 thoughts on “Holding On by Ann Christine Tabaka

  1. This is a wonderful poem. It brings all kinds of emotions bubbling up from deep inside my soul. I think this will be placed in my favorites file with countless others this author has created. Such a talented wordsmith!


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