The Love Song of a Pagan Priest by Sudeep Adhikari

Sapphire silence of that blue empty velvet

mirrors the space of my mind.

I watched myself watching you

through your eyes, burning in desirous flames.


And I became the tree of the morn

soaked in passion; drips, drops

caressing every inches of your fractal curves

kinks and pricks, tulips and thrones.


I am the world you see,

through the eyes of your dreams.


Subject and object are entwined,

in a liquid field of sexed-up whole

an error of misplaced duality, is forgiven

by the pure naught.


There is no “me”, there is no “you”

only a field of relations

we make out, we make each other.


Silence speaks the grammar of Nothing

a closure in the  plane of time

translates to a feastly inauguration,






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