PPP Ezine: Poetrypoeticspleasure EzineVolume 5; Issue 9; September 2021

On the Leaves by Ahmad Al-Khatat

Fred Limerick by Charles Leggett

Inclusion by Eliza Segiet

Lullaby Remind by Emalisa Rose

Left Behind by Fabrice Poussin

Droplets by Ferris E Jones

The Unordinary by James G. Piatt

Rush by Kelli J. Gavin

Take to the Sea by Luis Cuauhtemoc

Poetry by Lynn Long

The Summer Wolf and the Express by J. D. Nelson

On the Leaves by Ahmad Al-Khatat


On the leaves
Of autumn season,
They are colour
Of your flesh.

On the leaves
Of spring flowers,
They will breathe
Of your perfume.

On the leaves
Of the notebook,
They are lines
With your name.

On the leaves
Of life journey,
Joy and tears
Of one being.

On the leaves
Of poetry book,
Rebound and dark
Are the themes.

On the leaves
Of colorful mirror,
Reflects your smile
Against my request.

On the leaves
Of blind eyed,
Joys arises when
Dreams become hopes.

Ahmad Al-Khatat was born in Baghdad, Iraq. His work has appeared in print and online journals globally and has poems translated into several languages. He has been nominated for Best of the Net 2018. He is the author of The Bleeding Heart Poet, Love On The War’s Frontline, Gas Chamber, Wounds from Iraq, Roofs of Dreams, and The Grey Revolution. He lives in Montreal, Canada.

Fred Limerick by Charles Leggett

There once was a thinker named Fred.

His theories were quite widely read.

       When he found that his strife

       Was all caused by his life

He simply pronounced himself dead.

Charles Leggett is a professional actor based in Seattle, WA, USA. His poetry has been published in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Recent/forthcoming publications include Sublevel, As Above So Below, Automatic Pilot, Volney Road Review, Ocotillo Review, and Heirlock Magazine.

Inclusion by Eliza Segiet

From the orchestra of sensations

only moments are stopped in time.

They remain,

they last like an inclusion hidden in amber.

The past veiled by the memory

of stone nature.

My mind are the corals of the past,

monads of memories

immersed in a whirl of madness.

The corals of the future crystallize

into indeterminacy.

Fortune will materialize tomorrow.

Eliza Segiet is Jagiellonian University graduate with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy. She completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Penal Fiscal and Economic Law, and Creative Writing at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Łódź. She has published three poetry collections and two monodramas.

Lullaby Remind by Emalisa Rose

once a spiralling storm,

we morph in the mist

of the harbor, yesterday’s

rain rhythms, seeking

significance, eternity’s

oracle, unbound to the

scramble of scrabble words

and your lullaby eyes

of our cradle’s remind

lulling me softly to sea.

When not writing poetry, Emalisa Rose enjoys crafting and birding. She volunteers in animal rescue. Living by a beach town, provides much of the inspiration for her art. Her latest collection is “On the whims of the crosscurrents,” published by Red Wolf Editions.

Left Behind by Fabrice Poussin

Take the happiness with you;

I will stay behind and take care of

the mope.

After all, many a tear will be shed,

and one will have the labor so he may

wipe them one by one.

No reason to take a chance for others,

they may slip, slide, break away forever,

unknowing of a drama so recent.

Take the happiness with you slowly,

for the pain will hover, it does always,

on the cold walls of light blue.

Let the glow of your supple warmth

linger just a little longer for the icy heart,

to thaw for a moment, to hope for an eon.

Remember to stay again; anticipation

of your return, no one will be aware;

this intimate secret of two souls, ours alone.

Leaning on the heavy groan of cries, longings,

and heavy sighs, I promise to remain alert,

protect, cherish and nurture what you leave,

to be safe in hands trembling of simple want.  

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications. 



Droplets by Ferris E Jones

From the winds of darkened roots,

The droplets fall compulsive,

To seek life, it pollutes.

With faint eyes it exposes

The blindfold, while slow, crowded men

Discuss what it imposes.

The glory of life may pass,

Primeval pleasures weep,

An honor to be the last.

Ferris E Jones is an award-winning, internationally published poet and screenwriter living in Puyallup Washington. His work has appeared in both print and online magazines, including as the featured poet for Creative Talents Unleashed. Other magazines include: Glo Mag, Piker Press, Se La Vie Writers Journal, Write on Magazine, Outlaw Poetry, Degenerate Literature 17, Tuck Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, Warriors with Wings, In Between Hangovers, and many other literary publications. He is the recipient of two grants from the Nevada Arts Council and the Editor and Publisher of Nevada Poets 2009. Ferris has twice received honorable mention awards from Writers Digest annual screenwriting contest. Ferris is also the Author / Editor of seven collections of poetry. You can learn more about Ferris E. Jones by visiting www.inquisitionpoetry.com where each month he features the work of other poets. The goal of this site is to spread the word of poetry throughout the world.

The Unordinary by James G. Piatt

Rhymes, like curling snakes waiting

For victims, hiss to the surface of 

Searching minds begging for reality,

The poet’s drama, dark, fleeting, 

His dark metaphors painted

With the hue of tragedy,

His thin lines filled with meaninglessness, 

Erupt into absurdity, as he spills 

Crimson ink on parchment, creating 

The unordinary.

James G. Piatt is a Best of Web nominee and three time Pushcart nominee, has had four collections of poetry; “Solace Between the Lines,” “Light,” “Ancient Rhythms,” and “The Silent Pond,” as well as over 1480 poems, five novels and 35 short stories, published worldwide. He is now looking for a publisher for his fifth collection of poems which he has just completed.  He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU

Rush by Kelli J. Gavin

Please rush me

If you don’t

I never will

Make me

Do it

Make me move

Make me start

Make me want more

Please rush me

If you don’t

I never will

Kelli J Gavin lives in Carver, Minnesota with Josh, her husband of an obscene amount of years and they have two crazy kids. She is a Writer, Professional Organizer and owns Home & Life Organization and a small Jewelry Company.  Look for Kelli’s first book of short stories and poems in 2019. You can find her work with The Ugly Writers, Sweatpants & Coffee, Writing In a Woman’s Voice among others. Find Kelli on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram@KelliJGavin  Blog found at kellijgavin.blogspot.com

Take to the Sea by Luis Cuauhtemoc

I turn these rocks into flowers.

I give a handful to all my loves.

I turn the rain into sweet wine

and the flowers back to rocks.

I don’t throw rocks at anyone.

I turn the noise into silence and

the trees into home sweet home.

I take to the sea.

It fills my thirst for adventure.

I go there smiling.

I turn the shells into coins.

I hold them in the palm of my hand.

I take to the sea.

I spend most of the days there.

I hold my love standing on the beach.

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal lives in California and works in Los Angeles. His poems have appeared in Blue Collar Review, Crossroads Magazine, Kendra Steiner Editions, and Setu Magazine.

Poetry by Lynn Long

And I see you

Floating on a breeze

Adrift in the wind

Just like a leaf

And I want to reach out

To touch you once more

For I know you fly

To a distant shore

You see me too

As I blow a kiss

In sweet adieu

 you smile…

Your journey begun

And I whisper

May you reach the sun-

feel its warmth

May you touch the clouds

On your journey forth

And may you know

Upon the tawny sand

Inner peace

When at last you 


Lynn Long

Poet, writer, dreamer

And believer in the impossible…

Residing somewhere in time

Artist at https://hitrecord.org/


The Summer Wolf and the Express by J. D. Nelson

when I sit and eat the paper to stop that friend from pushing

the calm name of the wind

whiting up the bread was a new earth on a pole

on the corner was a bull and he was a busy bull

well he had a meltdown

fool of the world walked up and ate the sun

it was saucer night and he ate the moon too

J. D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,500 of his poems have appeared in many small press publications, in print and online. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). Visit 
www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. Nelson lives in Colorado.